How would Jesus Vote? eBook


Pastor Charles McGregor is a man with a passion to help people become all that they can be in the Kingdom of God. His years of Pastoring have helped thousands of individuals climb the ladder of life to success.—Robert Barriger, Lead Pastor Camino de Vida Lima, Peru


Charles McGregor is an evangelist, author, and pastor of New Beginnings Church in Stratford, Oklahoma.
A husband, father, and a grandfather, Charles has invested the past thirty-seven years teaching church growth seminars and training people from all walks of life in family, marriage, and parenting issues.
While traveling to over twenty-one countries and from coast to coast, Charles operates in the gifts of the Spirit; and through these gifts he has had many miracles transpire, including four raised from the dead—all of which he attributes to trusting in God.
Brother McGregor presents some of the most entertaining, yet practical and insightful teaching on church growth and family available today. He mixes years of personal experience with principles of God’s Word.


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