Coaching in Bogota ColombiaCoaching/ Bringing Clarity to the Church
Having over 33 years of experience and being with over 3,000 pastors of different denominations and organizations. I know that I have insight in helping to strengthen the foundation of the local church. We have been in small and large churches coaching pastors all over the world. There were many times we walked out of a church shaking our heads knowing there needed to be more done. One visit alone will not solve many of the problems that we have in the church. My heart has always been to help pastors in the local church. I know that because of my observations in many of these churches, I have seen what will work and what won’t work and I believe that will be valuable information for your church. If a pastor will make a commitment of three weekends over a period of six months I can guarantee they will have a solid foundation to build on. Being there with the Pastor, the leaders and those that serve and being able to speak with them personally I will be able to give better insight for the changes that are needed.

A Coach is a Personal Change Expert.
Coaches help people like you grow faster, perform at higher levels, understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. In the same way that a personal trainer helps a pro athlete maximize performance, a personal coach can help you get the most out of life. Below is a brief outline of what to expect. Start: This questionnaire will need to be answered ahead of time: – How old is the church? – How long has the Pastor been there? – What is the vision of the church? – What percentage of the membership is involved or serving? – Do you have guidelines and if so I would like a copy? – Do you have a church policy manual? – What is the process for involvement in the church? Do you have a process?(Membership, etc.) – What is your website address? – Plus others….

First Visit for Coaching Clarity
1st Weekend Fly in on Friday. Meet with the Pastor on Friday. Will begin to build relationship.
Saturday morning – Team Workshop / Connecting with First Time Visitors For all volunteers, all leaders, and anyone who desires to serve in the church This workshop will deal with, Building a strong team, showing them how valuable and how important they are in the growth of the church, and making a lasting connection with First Time Visitors. This will cause each department to take a closer look at how effective they are in accomplishing the vision of the church. The experts say that within the first six minutes when a family comes on your property they will decide if they are coming back.
Sunday Morning– Expanding the culture of serving in the local church. We will be establishing the foundation truth of the importance of involvement in the church and also expansion of personal growth by serving. There will be a time of recruiting new volunteers. Sunday Night- Follow up with leadership to discuss how to follow up with new volunteers. This will be a one on one discussion with the leaders in the church.
Monday Morning – Breakfast with Pastor to go over the weekend before leaving for airport.

2nd Weekend Coaching Clarity (In 2 Months)
Fly in on Friday. Meet with Pastor. This weekend will deal with nothing but Leadership.
Saturday Morning – Leadership only. 3 Hour Workshop on Leadership Principles (Motivating volunteers, how to write guidelines, leadership as an example) Sunday Morning – How to Connect with the Pastor. Will be building a stronger bond between the Pastor and the congregation.
Sunday Night – Follow up with leadership message.
Monday Morning – Breakfast with Pastor to go over weekend before leaving for airport.

3rd Weekend Coaching Clarity (In 2 Months)
Fly in on Friday. Meet with the Pastor. Saturday Morning – 3 Hour workshop on Commitment. Everyone in leadership and serving.
Sunday Morning – Final presentation of serving in the local church. Have all departments setup a display of what they do before and after the service.
Sunday Night – Banquet of Celebration Will finish the year with monthly telephone or video conference with Pastor or any Leadership. Goals I will accomplish doing these coaching sessions:They will help the pastor in fulfilling the vision that God has placed within their heart

These sessions will help build a larger group of people serving. These sessions will also build better attitudes among leaders and volunteers They will help increase growth in the church. You can contact for more information on cost of Coaching Package.

Coaching costs:
1. Plane fare on American airlines
2. Hotel and Food
3. Workshops cost is $35 a person or $45 a couple includes Ministry of Helps Handbook and/or Usher and Greeter Book and fill-in blank notes. Workshops will last 2 to 3 hours with a break in the middle.
4. Love Offering for Sunday Services


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