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Arbol de Vida – is a ministry of compassion, driven to take great risks of faith in order to see a nation transformed economically and spiritually, reaching into every arena of daily life with the love of Christ. Missions is the heart beat.
Honduras is one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere, so it doesn’t take much digging to find needs–needs that often demand an answer.
In brief our Vision is to Find the Need to Meet the Need to Change a Nation.
We have a boarding school of over 600 students from orphans to abandoned youth from 11 to 20 yrs. of age in our program year round from 6th grade through graduation including two tech schools all here on our campus.
We use these same kids that have entered our program as victims to be the solution by reaching out into over 350 communities each yr. providing food, training, water projects, houses for widows, medical brigades, wheelchairs and so much more in our “Life in Action” program reaching over 20,000 for the Kingdom of God each year. We have over 90 churches that have been established through our community outreach program with over 100 on staff here in our school.
Ministry of Helps International has helped in obvious ways bringing teaching, understanding and clarity to how to best serve in ministry through the teaching brought to us by Dr. Buddy Bell. And now this year with his influence in our local community through our local association of Churches.

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