Thinking about a volunteer banquet or Sunday morning volunteer drive plus a Serve or Team workshop. Dr. Bell also speaks to leadership on how to manage volunteers in the Local Church. Please submit your request well in advance of the date you desire Dr. Bell to come to your church. Due to the high demand for meetings, Dr. Bell’s calendar fills up very quickly and he may not be able to come on the requested dates, so please provide alternate dates as well. You can also call at 1-918-245-5768.

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Bogotá Columbia

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Jan. 21st
Pastor Sue Lanza
303 Post Oak
Conroe, TX

Jan. 27 – 28th
Pastor Ronnie Allen
3737 Roosevelt
San Antonio,TX
Sun. 9 & 11
Sun. PM

May 28th – 29th
Pastor Dwayne Maynard
11120 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, AR

July 22rd
Pastors Chas and Joni Stevenson
Sunday at 10:30 AM
6:00 PM Leader Training Meeting

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